Artificial insemination.

This has proven to be the most reliable & effective way of securing a pregnancy in a bitch. 
There are some dogs that cannot breed naturally, some young dogs can be easily affected for life if they have a bad experience with a difficult bitch, some dominant bitches may not accept a certain dog.

Breeds that are more prone to problems, relate to injury, aggression or overheating, which is linked to their physical shape. Their structure does not permit for easy mounting as the stud has to support more weight on his hind quarters. This can lead to overheating as they have to exert themselves repeatedly before effective mating occurs.

There are also viral and bacterial infections, such as the Canine Herpes virus, that can be passed on during natural mating. These bacteria can be found in both male & female & can be exchanged during natural mating, which may contribute to the possibility of an infection arising. 

Most male dogs will allow themselves to be collected from when presented with a bitch in season; this also gives an opportunity to assess the sperm under a microscope prior to insemination, if requested by the stud dog owner. The insemination of the bitch is a quick and simple procedure.
So the benefits of artificial insemination are considerable.

Fresh semen has a good success rate as does chilled.
Chilled semen means you can use a dog that is a distance away from you. The dog owner has to get the sample collected & chilled then packed into chilled Semen Transport Boxes, this semen can be used up to 4 days from collection.

(There are guidelines set down by the Kennel Club on AI, please visit their website)